Museum Aims and Objectives
Statement of Purpose


The Museum is known as The Albertland & Districts Museum Inc


The Museum is established to rehouse, care for, research and exhibit existing collections of maps, documents, photographs, books, artefacts, tools, furniture and memorabilia based on the Brookes and other pioneer family collections.

The Museum’s primary aim is to record and illustrate the settlement and development of the Albertland district, including its Maori history and its social, industrial, economic, commercial and family history.

The Museum’s major theme relates to the history, establishment and development of the Albertland settlement.

Minor themes include:

  1. Early industries of the district, including gum digging, timber- milling, flax milling, the tung oil company (and others)
  2. The development of transport.
  3. Commercial development.
  4. Nonconformist church history.


The “ALBERTLAND DISTRICT” comprises the original Albertland settlement and associated districts, including Pakiri, Tomarata, Whangaripo, Te Hana, Te Arai, Hoteo, Wayby, Tapora, Wharehine, Port Albert, Tauhoa, Topuni and Oruawharo.

  1. The Museum collects; researches, preserves and exhibits such objects that illustrate the museum’s aims and themes.
  2. The Museum includes archives which record and document the history of the Albertland Settlement and District.


  1. Major collections represent the history of the Albertland settlement.
  2. Donations of worthwhile material by both individuals and organisations is actively encouraged.